Lennys Grill & Subs Franchise Reviews

Our franchise owners love “Lennys Best Way”

Lennys is fortunate to have one of the most dedicated franchise networks in the entire franchise industry. We have over 100 locations open or in development in the Southeastern and South Central United States, and our network is rapidly expanding. Our franchisees come from diverse backgrounds and professional histories and are united in delivering exceptional food and customer service to their loyal followings in their communities. Their decision to realize their full potential as small business owners is inspirational, and we do everything in our power to help them grow and prosper.

Since becoming a franchise system in 2001, Lennys has helped dozens of entrepreneurs establish themselves as meaningful members of their communities. Lennys is excited about our momentum as more and more entrepreneurs join our brand, and we rapidly become the premier sandwich franchise in the Southeastern and South Central United States.

Here’s what our franchisees have to say about owning their Lennys Grill & Subs restaurants

“My Lennys restaurant has become enormously popular because we’re a meaningful part of the community. I know the guests that come in regularly, and I know their families. They come here not because of our great food, but because of our ability to go above and beyond in connecting with our guests. This is also how we’ve been able to establish a profitable niche because while many restaurants have great food, very few have both the food and the customer service. My crew is really exceptional, and my general manager Nick has excelled so much that he is going to be my partner in the next Lennys restaurant that we open.”

  • Andy McGee, a longtime Lennys franchise owner in Mobile, Alabama

“After tasting the food in a franchise location in Tampa, Florida, I knew I would be successful. Lennys makes the best tasting sub sandwiches and that is the difference that catapults Lennys ahead of the competition, along with our exceptional customer service.  The typical sub shop experience involves pressed meats pre-sliced on wax paper served by an employee behind a counter who doesn’t care to interact with the guests. We do the exact opposite. Our bread is baked fresh daily, and our fresh meats and cheeses are sliced seconds after our guests place their order. We also have delicious healthy and vegetarian options now, which makes our menu much more inclusive. It’s really our ability to pair great food with a customer service and an environment that makes our guests feel welcome, though, that sets us apart.”

  • Jim Harmer, Lennys franchise owner in Polk County, Florida

“To someone who is interested in owning a Lennys franchise, I say go for it. I am a 28-year-old business owner on the right track for a successful future. I never thought of myself being a business owner or my own boss, and knowing that my success depends 100% on me only makes me work that much harder. But it is a two-way street, and you need a great coach to mentor you. Lennys Corporate is nothing short of that. They have answers to all of your questions. They provide help with paperwork, marketing, IT issues, business questions; they do it all. Even though my store is far from Memphis, they have always made us feel like family. They don’t know you by your store number, but by your name. And they build an individual relationship with all of the franchisees. What more could you ask for?”

  • Dhara Patel, Lennys franchise owner in Detroit, Michigan

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